Friday, October 12, 2007

The Electric Cafe ( Racer )-in scale form.

From R/

"1/6 scale electric motorcycle from Harald Back's collection. The Eleck Rider was manufactured by Kyosho and marketed in Germany in the late 70's by Graupner, a company that supplied nearly every rc motorcycle sold in the German market. The Eleck Rider was powered by a Mabuchi 380 type motor, and the steering operated in a similar fashion to the later Kyosho 1/8 scale motorcycle. The Eleck Rider runs at about 15+ kph with the stock Mabuchi motor. When it was on the market an optional tuning kit was alsp available that included stickier tires and a longer wheelbase. The longer wheelbase permitted the use of a 6 cell battery pack which increased the top speed with a slightly tuned motor to about 30 kph."

Typical- G.I. Joe once again gets all the cool stuff.

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