Friday, November 2, 2007

Vintage 1987: Fast Art.

I pulled this amazing advert for Fast Art from an art magazine way back in 1987. It shows a 87 Honda CBR 100F painted by then innovative graffiti artist Keith Haring (who went on to shake the modern art world..and then sadly die of A.I.D.S all to soon afterwards) Fast Art gallery commissioned several other Graffiti artists Crash, Stash, Futura 2000, L.A. II and Zephyr to all create stunning examples of fast art. The full gallery of the art bikes can be viewed at the Art Crimes/ Fast Art Website


THEO. said...

Amazing Post! These bikes are super hard to find images of, and the project was so rad! Thanks for sharing!

Charity said...

This amazing art work on the bike. The artist must have taken time to accomplish this. Thanks for the blog post.
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