Sunday, August 5, 2007

Heck on wheels: The Purple Helmets.

A cow, a motorcycle, and an Armani Suit..It was all for a laugh.


"Be prepared for the funniest road trip you’ve ever seen as we get up close and personal with the Purple Helmets! Featuring side-splitting highlights of their stunt shows over a five year period plus their equally mad video diaries, it really is a load of total shite!

Think of a motorcycle stunt team that looks like Dad's Army has just collided with Mad Max and combines the slapstick of the Keystone Cops with the humour of Benny Hill... and you've got something approaching the Purple Helmets! The Helmets entertain thousands of spectators at top motorcycle events like the Isle of Man TT with their crazy antics. Be prepared for the funniest road trip you've ever seen as they create mayhem in three countries. Check out: Honda C90 commuter mopeds going where they've never gone before Death defying stunts in the air, in water, (and occasionally, on the ground). Witness the new indoor sport of 'pub-donutting' and the new outdoor sport of nude moped surfing."

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