Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Be afraid: The Munch Mammut.

From: Chris Irelands eccentric bike builder page:

"The 1967 Munch Mammoth (A very rare "production" motorcycle) was an attempt to adapt a car engine to a motorcycle. The result was a monster of a machine utilizing a double overhead cam inline 4 cylinder engine, transverse mounted in the frame. It came with a number of options, three different motor sizes, raging from 1200 CC’s up, several different seats and tanks sizes, and they offered a supercharged version as well, in 1967. The Mammoth was the fastest production motorcycle in the world in its day, and was known for its comfort and speed."

1966 after selling Cycle World magazine Floyd Clymer tried to generate interest in the German-made Munch. This huge motorcycle now featured a 1300cc engine developed for the NSU automobile. While the most powerful motorcycle of its time, the Mammoth, largely due to its expensive $4000 price tag, never caught on,...

The new Munch Mammut 2000 is limited to 250 units . The 2ltr machine makes up to 260bhp


The Creeper said...

Hi, nice photos. The photos of the green bike (owner, Perry Bushong) were taken my me in 1984. Photo credit would be appreciated. Check my web site for more photos of the bike and others at

schlusselmensch said...

For information, the Mammoth engine came from the NSU Prinz 4 series of 4 cylinder cars and was single overhead cam.