Friday, July 27, 2007

"It is illustrated in particular by a great facility of catch in hands" -The French Voxan Cafe Racer.

Translated (albeit badly) from the French Voxan homepage:
"The Cafe Racer is true sporting endowed with a rare versatility.

The “neo-classic” style of its purified line, the rigour and the effectiveness of its road behavior, the marked character of its V-Twin, the comfort and the facility of control are as many assets which distinguish the Racer Coffee from these competitors.

The Racer Coffee was born for the expert, seeking the exclusiveness in an original line and authentic feelings of control. Top-of-the-range by the quality of materials, with in particular of many aluminium parts. General-purpose by its comfort, facility of the single-seat/two-seater convertibility of the saddle and the colors proposed.

Equipped with V-Twin 996 Cm3, 100ch, the Cafe Racer's sporting character is reinforced by the adoption of an ram-air intake system. Characterized by its excellent rigidity and its light weight, the cycle part is nimble, and stable on the road. It is illustrated in particular by a great facility of catch in hands...(?)

Its architecture authorizes made it possible to define a position of control ahead, to distribute the masses in a specific way (48% on before and 52% on the back) and to modify the plate (rocked on before 10mm and raised back of 11 mm) in order to privilege the effectiveness of the nose gear)".....

Oh hell with it..lets just hear what Wiki has to say about it:
"Voxan is a French motorcycle manufacturer established in Issoire, France, in 1995.
Originally initiated by Jacques Gardette, the project involved different partners, including Alain Chevallier, who designed the chassis part, and société Sodemo, established in Magny-Cours, France, who designed the engine. The first prototype was delivered in 1997.

The first 50 Roadster models were delivered in 1999 to dealerships. The Café Racer models were added to the lineup in 2000, and the Scrambler model was released in 2001.
Although well considered on the French market, Voxan had a hard time competing against better established Japanese and Italian manufacturers.

In June 2002, Didier Cazeaux and Société de Développement et de Participation bought Voxan to ensure its continuity and, in April 2003, the manufacturer started producing its motorcycles again.

The Street Scrambler model was released in 2003, and the Nouveau Scrambler and Black Magic models in 2004.\All Voxan motorcycles use the same engine, which is unique in its design. This engine is a V-Twin with a 72° angle and 996cc of displacement.

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