Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cafe Racer, The movie: "Hooligan".

A Worldwide Documentary Effort About Motorcycling’s Outsiders.

Purpose of the Film:

1. To focus on the ever evolving counter culture of the "Rocker" Style motorcyclist, their connection to the past, their future and their commitment to the genre.
2. To show members of clubs, non-members, mechanics, runs, rallies, events and the interaction between them.
3. To foster an attitude of respect for the trials and tribulations in life that make the commitment to these bikes and the lifestyle at times, difficult.
4. To show the process of keeping these bikes on the road.
5. To include samples other motorcycle cultures, their differences and their reaction to the Hooligan motorcyclist.
6. To explore the world of the Hooligan. Their lives, loves and fears. Their jobs. level of education and lifestyle preferences.
7. To promote a level of appreciation for all things classic and the desire to cultivate these things in an ever more disposable world.
8. Highlight a brief history of the culture covering the period from the 50's to the present day, including the notorious Mods vs. Rockers rivalry in the 60's.
9. To understand the differences in the culture.

Approach to the Film

"The approach to the film will be open and documentary in style. We wish to show the worldwide commitment to this often times, mysterious sub culture.
We plan to shoot interviews at rallies, in private and commercial shops, bars and on the street. We also plan to visit new motorcycle manufacturers to find out what drives their market and their plans for the future.
Little or no attempt will be made to direct the activities of the subjects of this film beyond the typical instructions and questions used in interviews. No one will ever never be asked to "act out" a particular scene.
This plan involves participation with several people throughout the world, including, but not limited to, the U.S., the U.K, Australia, France, Germany and the Netherlands. It will be an effort of many committed individuals capturing photos and video from around the world to include in this piece."

"The leather-clad hooligan on a motorcycle is one of the strongest
images in pop culture. An English interpretation of American
glamour, the genesis of this archetype coincided with the advent of rock ‘n roll in
the mid 50’s.

A love of classic motorcycles is now serving to promote a
strong resurgence of these bikes – and the lifestyle that goes with them.
An obsession with fast motorcycles, fanatical nostalgia, and the desire for a simple identity in an increasingly complex world, are some of the reasons behind this revolution. Moreover, it is about valuing the craftsmanship of a simple, potent piece of machinery that can transform one’s soul into an iconic persona.

This documentary is not a technical history of motorcycles. It is designed to shed light on an energized cult of inspired motorcyclists – past and present – who have been referred to as "Rockers," "Hooligans," "Ton Up Boys," "Coffee Bar Cowboys," and "Bike Boys." It is not about Harley Davidson riders, weekend cruisers, chopper builders or sport bike riders. It is about a lifestyle born from the coupling of rock ‘n’ roll and the magic of two-wheeled machines like Triumphs, Nortons, BSA’s, Motoguzzis and Velocettes. It is about stripped-down, old-school cafe racers; retro classics; bobbed fenders; clip-on handlebars; customs; and rat bikes. It is about the love and commitment necessary to restore and maintain them.

The misunderstood “Hooligan Culture” possesses a unique and unapologetic rebelliousness. The unwritten rules of conduct and camaraderie – the ritual of the scarf, helmet, goggles, and jacket – define an identity rather than a disguise.

Never wishing to be referred to as “bikers,” this born-again cult of “Rockers” has been both scorned and imitated. Deeply in debt to their street racing forefathers in England, who roared from cafe to cafe in the 50’s and 60’s, modern Rockers are keeping an image alive that is a staple of pop culture in the modern world."

Rikki Rockett
Slave To The Rhythm Production, Inc.

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