Sunday, September 30, 2007

the other Cafe Racers-Cafe Racer Filmworks.

"Café Racer Filmworks is a dynamic new production company led by two seasoned veterans with experience in numerous genres of visual media, from reality TV to feature films, documentaries to dramas. That collaboration has already created an imaginative roster of projects that is innovative, budget-friendly and audience winning.

Our specialty: fresh approaches to story-telling and direct communication. Café Racer's goal is straight forward: to deliver inspired and highly inventive fare, without the bureaucratic morass that's all too familiar -- and inefficient. While the bottom line can't be ignored, our primary emphasis is always on creating the finest finished product for the most lucrative demographics. Our edge over the competition is that we follow through every step of the way, from the concept to the completed project. Not just on the executive producing level but in the trenches as well. Every phase is controlled and overseen directly by the principals. We don't farm out our work to others who don't share either our vision or our work ethic. With those we do hire, all share the enthusiasm and expertise that guarantees a better product. The adage "I don't care what they are like as long as they get the job done" is not acceptable. We invite you to work with people with passion."

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