Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ah, Italy in the spring: The Italjet Amarcord.

From Azzurrimoto.co.uk

"Gracefully retro: This is the best definition for the new incredible creation of Leopoldo Tartarini, founder, president, as well as inexhaustible source of creativity and innovation at the company.

Amarcord leaves you speechless right at first sight, thanks to its retro styling, its futuristic and timeless look, and its brand new technical solutions (rear suspension system).

Its intriguing look is paired up by its driving style: You drive an Amarcord as if you were in the 1920`s, but with the addition of excellent comfort and the guarantees of a state of the art 150cc 4T engine.

Scootering Nov 2001 said: "This motorcycle was styled to look like a single cylinder Italian motorcycle of the 1920's..." This machine is in the final stages of development at the Italjet factory and will be available in the spring.

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