Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not for U.S. consumption: The Honda CB 400ss.

From the 35th Tokyo Motorshow

"Lightweight Handling and Thumping Big-single Torque.

The CB400SS is a sporting single in the finest tradition. Wearing new colors, it now projects a new image. A new electric starter added to the traditional kick-starter make this middleweight thumper easy to start, and the buffed pedals and kick-starter are quality details that every enthusiast can appreciate. Now equipped with HISS*(Lightweight Handling and Thumping Big-single Torque.

This customized model dresses out the CB400SS in the image of a more stylish classic café racer using off-the-shelf parts combined with a distinctive rocket cowling, aluminum tank, solo seat, and reverse cone muffler- a new direction in the café racer genre, and a sure hit on the street bike scene."


George said...

Help me understand why Honda is NOT selling the CB400SS in the U.S?

Can I have one imported? if yes, any idea where?

joecool85 said...

Seriously, I don't know why they don't sell them here in the US either. I'd buy one. Apparently they get 90-95mpg as well!

Mark said...

Wow, what a looker! I have a bone-stock '78 CB400t, which is a fabulous bike for hi-speed suburban runs. WHY isn't honda importing its new/retro CB line?!

caffeineandpixels said...

PLEASE HONDA!!! Bring these and the CB1100 to the United States. There IS A MARKET FOR THESE!!!