Friday, September 7, 2007

Innovation: Craig Vetter's 1968 Suzuki 500 seat/tank combo.

From Craig

"I took this bike drag racing at the Indy 1/8 mile drags. It was light. I was light. We were very fast.
One night after the heats, I parked it next to a beautiful, customized Triumph Bonneville that I had just dusted off. To my disappointment, nobody seemed to be interested in my slick design. Turns out it was too slick. It made your eyes zip right off onto something else. Anything else! Like the more complicated looking Bonnie.

When it came time to redesign the BSA Rocket 3, I made sure that it would stop your eye. That is the basis of the distinctive "Z" profile."
Vetters seat on display at the AMA's Hall of Fame Museum

Vetter has recently just started a new blog: Craig Vetter on motorcycle design. be sure to check it out,-it could be most interesting.

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