Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fanfair for the common man: The Honda 550 Cafe Racer.

From My Cafe Racer comes this pict of Jay's 550 F "Lucy". "She's gone through about 3 speedo's, a set of bars, and a set of mirrors from people backing over my bike here in the city (San Francisco). She's been knocked over plenty by the local (near blind) city parkers but she keeps getting back up and asking for more. I love this bike."

For people who think the 550 is too small for the larger chap or lady-take look at the picture carefully-tall Jay is 6ft3 and fits the bike like a kid glove.

This grand picture from Walter Lai comes from our friends in Canada at Taken at local photoshoot, the bike another 550F and shows how a Honda can even match a more pricey vintage British bike in the Cafe Racer looks (and performance) dept.

Okay, Please allow me to boast for a short time. Here is my own daily rider, A 550 Four-k built by a brilliant man in local walnut Creek, Calif and luckily found by yours truly on a local Craigslist posting and therefore saving me all the time, money (and fun) of building my own. Bored out to 600 cc, equipped with 750 carbs and a Megacycle cam she goes like a rocket. Most local 650 Nortons, Triumphs and even the occasional 750 Honda's are given a run for thier money. I have plans to fit a more proper looking period fairing in the very near future.

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