Friday, May 18, 2007

Vintage 2003: The Honda Solo.

"March 5, 2003
Honda Releases the New Solo --- A 50cc Leisure Bike with Innovative Styling

Tokyo, March 5, 2003 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the new Solo, a cheery, stylish, around-town leisure bike with an air-cooled, 4-stroke 50cc engine. The Solo goes on sale Friday, March 14 (2003)
The Solo is the fourth model in the "N Project"* series, designed to deliver to its owners the pleasure of owning and riding a bike that serves as a fashion accessory in addition to providing convenient daily transportation.

The exterior features a simple design that emphasizes the rider's individuality. The air-cooled 4-stroke 50cc engine, adapted from the Super Cub series, offers superb fuel economy and environmental performance. It is fitted with an auto centrifugal clutch that even novice riders can operate with ease.

In addition to the three standard colors, Matt Flat Silver Metallic, Monza Red, and Parrot Yellow, the Solo is also available in a total of 285 color combinations through the Color Order Plan, by mixing and matching tanks, frames, and seats.

"N Project" stands for "New Project", which is dedicated to developing products that will appeal to young people's lifestyles. The first model, the Ape, debuted in February 2001; the second model, the Zoomer, in June 2001; and the third model, the Bite, in January 2002."
How the Solo got its name: "The Solo's name is intended to capture two different meanings of the English word: (1) (noun) a singing or musical performance by an individual; or (2) (adverb) individually; to perform individually. The Solo's name is intended to convey the image of a bike the owner chose himself or herself to present his or her own individual performance; a bike with a unique design."

Cafe Racer or moped?..i'll let you decide, give it some Clubmans and it looks like it would be grand to go to the local cafe in it....


twofoot said...

Yeah, but where can you get one in the States? Damn feds probably think it is too much fun to allow it to be sold here...

Sparrow said...

im totally trying to track one of these down. in 7 years someone had to ship one to the states that they dont want anymore!

magi said...

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