Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Your moment of zen bike-girl oddness: Salty Rei Rose & her Locomotive Cafe Racer Bike

This bit of amazing Japanese design was brought to my attention from my brother and mutual co-founder of mineklinefabrik. So I simply could not resist to post this lovely anime maid and her locomotive/slash Cafe Racer. Before you ask: I have no idea who Salty-Rei Rose is (even after obsessive googling her name) and why her job as a skimpy dressed maid requires her to get about on such a fab bike.What I do know is that she is petite (about 1/20 scale) Made of PVC and can be had for on sale around 75.00 Euros from the German Oddworld shop.

We she is a maid after all, so maybe she can dust off the shelves at after I buy her...

Sweetie if your going out for a ride at least put on a pair of boots,..hate to see your peticure get ruined.

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