Friday, May 18, 2007

What about Bob? -Hollywood Bobbers Cafe Racer Project.

"Having just relocated to San Francisco "Hollywood" Bruce has been building motorcycles and hot rods for over 25 years. Passionate about constructing the finest bobbers and Cafe racers Bruce builds motorcycles that have a style like no other. Special attention is paid to details and the finished product is always the highest quality. Make no mistake, Hollywoods bikes are not "show queens". They are meant to be ridden and ridden hard."

Hollywoods BSA CAFE RACER: A spliced A50 frame with Norton roadholder front end with Atlas internals, and Manx style tank.

Bruce has also created an incredible "Hobo bomb" style 3 quart oil tank. 120 Thou thick spun alloy made by the "Spinny Brothers" with hand made fins and rubber mounts complete with crush sleeves for insulation, and can be had with either bolt on or weld on applications.


Psedonymous Pwnd said...

Bruce at Hollywood Bobbers is not only a shady untrustworthy custom part maker for bicycles, but he also is a spammer, my site has received a lot of spam that points to his multiple "insurance" scams.

jockeyshifter said...

Bruce Gajjar of Hollywood Bobbers isn't a bike builder. He isn't a fabricator. On the other hand, he DOES know some skilled tradesmen. Check out Harbortown Bobber video clip, and you will see where the spun aluminum vertical-mounted oil tanks came from. Bruce will tell you that he invented the wheel. Don't buy it, you're smarter than that.