Thursday, May 31, 2007

The new Moto Guzzi Bellagio: Cafe Racer / Retro Cruiser/..or?

From Web Bike World:
"Moto Guzzi has announced the addition of the new Bellagio cruiser to its motorcycle lineup for 2007.

Moto Guzzi, in this translated press release, says that the new Bellagio symbolizes the "depth of the relationship between Moto Guzzi and its surrounding territory".

This relationship is so strong that the immense beauty of the Lariano area affects both the ideas and creativity of man and in a sense leads him to create works of natural beauty in all his endeavors.

This empathy between the local environment and human inventiveness can be clearly seen in the new Moto Guzzi Bellagio that identifies a place known the world over for its beauty combined with the free spirit of those that revel in motorcycling. Individuality and sheer style are embodied in a reserved, but sophisticated design that displays highly advanced innovative technological solutions balanced with a trendy image.

Moto Guzzi's CARC (Reactive Shaft Drive System) is an example of this advanced technology. Moto Guzzi claims that the system transforms the new 940 cc engine into silky smooth acceleration making this machine Moto Guzzi’s most powerful naked bike.

Other indicators are seen in the presence of the progressive rear suspension system, in the Brembo floating caliper brake system that acts on twin 320 mm discs, in the rear shock absorber and the fully adjustable forks. These technical high quality solutions favor active safety, set a dynamic equilibrium and provide such riding pleasure that the Bellagio is the new point of reference in the category.

The Bellagio has the temperament of a Naked sports bike beneath the skin of a custom machine. The spoked wheels, drag bar, rear-set saddle and forward positioned foot pegs are just a few examples of the details of a style that concentrates weight on the rear wheel giving the impression of a bike that is fixed to the ground, ready to take off at the twist of the wrist.

The new 940 cc engine is more than capable of making this machine fly. While the engine is docile and vibration-free, it puts out huge power with immense torque from even very low revs. This power can be heard in the legendary engine note emitted from new twin silencers that sing a song called Bellagio."

"With the Bellagio, Moto Guzzi has introduced an innovative style to the custom sector. The style is evident not only in the chrome plating and beauty of the engine but also in the “personality” of the magnificent frame that serves to highlight other design elements.

The most recognizable example is the single-sided rear swingarm embodying the CARC system. This patented reactive shaft drive final drive unit is a clear break from the custom bike tradition and is an innovation compatible with a sense of quality and sophistication.

Although the design draws from the American “power cruiser” style, it has a very European look with detail touches of sophistication that are pure Italian. You cannot but be seduced by the blend of all the components, technical details and style in which Moto Guzzi is the class leader.

Some components such as the large spoked wheels, the retro-style rounded instrumentation and the tank decorations are classic elements from Moto Guzzi’s past heritage incorporated into a modern design. Other allusions to traditional custom design include the pulled back handlebars, the forward positioned foot pegs, the two-up saddle astride the rear mudguard, and the plentiful chrome detailing offset by the coal black color scheme.

Moto Guzzi style abounds on the Bellagio, beginning with the transverse 90° V-twin engine representing the key to the design. Other components include the powerful brakes which, by tradition, are generously sized, and the twin overlapping silencers that make such a fashion statement.

It is items like these that were typical of the skill and attention to detail consistently paid by Moto Guzzi to the design and manufacture of its products since 1921, when the company first created motorbikes that are as unique as they are technically without equal. And indeed, it is also inevitable that they should have been influenced by the splendors of the area surrounding Bellagio – just as this new model certainly is."

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