Saturday, April 7, 2007

Keep pedaling!-Moped Armys Cafe Racers.

The Moped Army's mission statement:
"The Moped Army is the organizational end result of an outcropping of moped enthusiasts throughout the nation. Seeing it as more than just an easy and inexpensive way to get around town, members uphold the moped as a way of life. Although the advantages as a mode of transportation are many, a similar mind set is what brings us together. We see the moped as more than a means of travel, and truly believe in the lifestyle that accompanies riding one.

It’s all about the moped’s aesthetic, its marginalized status in our society, the friendly traveling, easy stop communication, and our ability to enjoy the trip, as well as the destination."

2-Stroke Power. Swarm and Destroy.

On that somewhat sinister note, lets have a look at some of the cool little Cafe Racers that have been made from the lowly Moped:

Puch Magnum

Custom Honda SS50 racer

Sachs G3 Cafe Racer

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