Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Ton-up Club of North America.

"Cracking the ton on a classic. Not some carbon fiber shrouded super bullet, but a bike with some style, history and more momentum than a duel leading shoe can handle. It doesn't have to be British (but it helps) and you don't have to be a ROCKER. To join the TON UP CLUB you need attitude and a bike that lets you know when you've reached 100 MPH. You have to like long rides on dark roads to little bars. You have to like ROCKABILLY (who doesn't). You have to know a few sheep jokes. You have to love a good pint. You have to love a good pint. You have to try to get the front wheel up on occasion. It also helps to be a real pisser. Drop us a line at Tonup. "

Just for the record lads, I hate Rockabilly...

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