Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Welcome to Coolsville: Benjies Cafe Racers.

Project name: " Pinas 550"
Bike originated as: 1973 Honda CB 550
Engine: in-line 4 550cc
Mods: Clip-on bars, rear sets, custom hand fabricated
gas tank with matching seats, battery relocation, 4
into 2 pee shooter exhausts, break scoop, battery
Project name: " The Armadillo"
Bike originated as: 1970 Honda CB 450
Engine: twin 450cc
Mods: Clip-on bars w/speedo incorporated,
rear sets, custom hand fabricated gas tank with
matching seats, battery relocation, insulated

"BCR builds one-off cafe styl bikes, that has the aggressive, 60's and early
70's stylings. This website is dedicated to BCR's finished bike creations, current
bikes that are under construction, and various hand crafted cafe racer motorcycle parts.

The bikes that BCR starts with are vintage bikes that are uncommon and probably
unseen by a lot of people; unseen simply because previous owners don't want to beseen riding it, or it was just too old and not road worthy.

After hours of pounding, cutting and welding, these are what BCR came out with. Sorry, butno dime a dozen crotch rockets and clone bikes here.

BCR also offers bolt-on custom cafe parts for do-it-yourself motorcyle hobbiest. BCR parts are hand fabricated from scratch by sheet metal, or modern age material such as fiberglass and carbon fiber. BCR tries to build bikes and parts that attracts attention not only by using the gloss of chrome or the common lines of other bike builders and aftermarket parts manufacturer. BCR build bikes and parts
that are unique and different."


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