Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gallery: Our German Friends.

From "Postal Daves" Cafe Beemer page.

"Richard van Ooijik from Rijnsburg Holland tells us: "This is my Beemer cafe racer that I recently finished. I bought this bike some four years ago as one piece of junk and I started rebuilding it. From the start I knew I wanted te build something away from the ordinairy, something that cherished the old style without being dull, a mix of old and new without doing harm to the history ."

"This is the Beemer Caff of Thomas Arens in Germany. Well done indeed!"

"Gregor Halenda is the proud owner of this well done beemer beauty: "The idea behind this bike was to create a BMW cafe racer in the Triton spirit. Stock frame is trianulated into a trellis above the engine. Front end is Ducati 851, tank is from The Tank Shop. 1000cc engine is blue printed and is in a mild state of tune."

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Skylar said...

There's a shitload of airhead cafes on the ace cafe site. Currently they're remodeling though I believe