Monday, March 26, 2007

Cafe racer of the week-and a little Lost in translation: Momo Guerrouaz's "Coffee Racer".

I was going to clean up this translated page, but I rather like the unedited form-its almost a little poetic, even read on.
This sublimissime XRS (R for racing) is the work of Momo Guerrouaz, true Géo Trouvetou of mechanics and especially artist at his hours! And it took hours of them to arrive at such a result: not less than six months full-time were necessary to carry out this small jewel straight left the seventies. From 650 Cm3 in the beginning, the cubic capacity of the twin passes to 710 Cm3. Inter alia, this mechanics receives a kit of forged pistons high compression, a ACT raçing, two superb carburettors Dell' Orto of 40 mm, an oil radiator and a clutch reinforced to make pass the cavalry which posts from now on 72 nags. The exhausts stainless were made to measure just like the remarkable moved back orders. The framework remains of origin, but was reinforced on the level of the anchoring of the oscillating arm. Nickelled, this one comes from Yamaha 750 TX. The shock absorbers are of Hagon tracks and the fork before origin was modified by the adoption of new holds of 45 mm and new plungers. One will note the presence of superb radiated wheels, well in the spirit Café Racer. Side speed reducer, one finds with before two discs of Yamaha TDM provided with grips of Diversion. With the back, an enormous job was made to adapt a disc on the wheel of origin, of the great art! The unit saddle tank and bubble is a copy of Rickman in poly realized of all parts and avoided of a red painting candy, choice of the landlord. And the last not, this pistarde is not a motor bike of living room, since Christian his landlord often takes it along to use his gommards on the track. Better still, this machine is approved for a road use! A headlight, a plate of immat' and the turn are played! Momo (of MBS Momo) is thus funny of character: pilot and preparer of dragster signal fuel, our friend opened his workshop in Toulouse six years ago. True touch-with-all, Momo cut a solid reputation in the medium and works already on other projects. Special painting, transformation, welding or parts and even creation of motor bikes to the chart, attention, this guy can do everything!

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nico xr said...

The following message is to clarify certain facts after having read your article. The Yamaha XSR was definitely not built by Momo Guerouaz but by Christian Baldessin working with various sub-contractors (Top Micron, XS shop, Jack, Yam Services, Doc, Jean Louis, Nico, Momo, Déclic-Moto,etc..) - in which case it would be better to quote all of them.
The design and assembly of the machine (and many others besides) were the work of Mr Baldessin, former Sidecar Motocross driver and mechanic, and no-one else.
Some people have a tendency to claim ownership of original creations with the sole aim of promoting themselves. You should be more careful about checking your sources...