Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Words fail me: The Steffano Cafe 9.

"The Café9 brings a new level of sophistication to the luxury motorcycle market. The serious rider and collector will accept no compromises in the capability and quality of a motorcycle that is truly work of art and a marvel of engineering.

Weighing in under 400 pounds ready to ride, with 150 horsepower and massive torque of 80 ft-lbs, this race-bred road machine is confidence inspiring while delivering pure superbike performance.

The Café9 combines the awesome performance of the Ducati 999 superbike with Steffano's unique yet timeless styling, museum quality finish and the world's finest components to create a pure roadster with race proven performance, real world comfort, ergonomics, and design unlike anything in the world. The Café9 is a new category in motorcyle production.... the pure luxury exotic sporting motorcyle."

Café9 Features:

Weight: 375 Lbs.
Power: 140HP - 150HP
Torque : 80 ft-lbs
Aerospace quality carbon fiber bodywork
Exotic and practical sting ray hide luxury saddle
Integrated police radar detection system
Innovative integral silencer tail-section featuring dual side exhaust ports as never seen on a motorcycle before
20-spoke forged alloy wheels
Fully adjustable control levers, footrests and handlebars

I think its brilliant, but at over $75,000 its just a little over my budget. Steffano (AKA Acme Rocket bike) has built a run of other brilliant Cafes, like the stunning ACME Velocette:

Lastly, lets have a look at ACME's amazing Art Nouveau poster by Echo Chernik

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