Thursday, March 29, 2007

( Rickman? )-Metisse Motorcycles.

"Our Heritage:

Métisse-Motorcycles has a long and distinguished history, from opening their first shop in 1958, to the Mark 1 Métisse in 1959, building high quality motorcycles right through to the present day.

For more information about the bikes we have built over the years, click on any of the pictures below for more information."
I did, and there was nothing.

But, thanks to wikipedia:
"Rickman Motorcycles was established by Don and Derek Rickman and manufactured motorcycles from 1960 through to 1975. Initially the frame designs were for scrambles, and then for road racing. Later, in 1966, road bikes were produced as well. The first street legal bike used a Triumph Bonneville engine. Rickman initially supplied frame kits, as none of the major British motorcycle manufacturers would sell engines to them. The frame kits were built for many engines, including Triumph twins, BSA singles and Matchless.

After the Royal Enfield factory closed, a little over 200 Series II Interceptor engines were stranded at the dock in 1970, originally on their way to Floyd Clymer (of Clymer auto manuals and Enfield "Indians" fame) in the United States, but unfortunately he had just died, and his export agents, Mitchell's of Birmingham, were left to dispose of them. They approached the Rickman brothers for frames, and as the Rickman brothers' main problem had always been engine supply, a limited run of Rickman Interceptors were built.
In about 1971, Rickman began producing complete motorcycles in 2 displacements, 125 and 250cc. The 125's had German Zundapp engines, while the 250's featured Spanish Montesa powerplants. Many of these little Motocross bikes were produced from 1971 to 1975, most being shipped to America.
Rickmans were known for their beautiful fiberglass work and nickel-plated frames.
In 1974, Rickman was awarded the "Queen's Award to Industry" for their export business, but it was the same year NVT collapsed. The Rickman brothers turned their attention to larger Japanese motorcycle engines, and produced a Rickman Honda 750. A Rickman Kawasaki Z1/Z900, Rickman Honda Bol D'Or 900 and Rickman Suzuki GS1000 followed.
Rickman frames are often referred to as "Metisse" frames, a term used for their own first effort. The Rickmans had a sense of humour. Google translates the word politely as "mongrel".
The company stopped producing complete motorcycles in 1975, continuing to produce chassis kits and accessories. In 1984 the Rickmans licensed production of their frames to MRD Metisse. Chassis kits are currently being produced by Metisse Motorcycles Ltd."

and there you go.


Mr.Bridges said...

Pat Franch used to make replica frames here in Bristol under the name MRD Metisse. Meanwhile Wasp were making replicas of the MkIII frame, and indeed, still are.

raja said...

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