Thursday, March 29, 2007

The other Cafe Racer: Bianchi's Milano (plus another).

"When we introduced the Milano in the previous century (OK, it was the late 1990s), the bike was ahead of its time. Now its time has come. Although the Milano’s swoopy aluminum frame and low-maintenance derailleur-free shifting are as distinctive as ever, what the bike represents—the idea that functional design can make a bold impression—is particularly resonant in the era of 3-buck gasoline. So while the fashionistas are swooning over the “café racer” aesthetic of your personal mobility, you’ll quietly be grooving to the Milano’s down-to-earth convenience, including fenders and a chainguard for cleanliness, a kickstand for easy parking, and a comfortable saddle with a built-in flashing light for the dark. Both frames available in either color."

Not enough? or too much?.. there is also Felt Racings Cafe racer.

Here's thier ad copy:
"Reminiscent of a classic 750cc street racer from 1970, the Café is lean and mean. And it’s not just the low-rise handlebar giving this bike its name: The triple tree fork, twist-shift 3-speed drivetrain, smaller/wider rear wheel, and the aluminum drum brake front hub all contribute to its true Café Racer style."
Wot? no clip ons?

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