Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our friend Carpy.

Its more than a bit hard to put into words about the brilliant work of Steve Carpenter and his Honda 750 Cafe Racer creations, so let the master speak in his own (and unique) words.

"Some people get a buzz out of Race horses, some get a tingle out of Nascar, some even get all wobbly over a dartboard, a pint of Lager and a pork pie. Me? Well, what turns my crank is a cool Cafe Racer, built from parts and resembles a stripped down factory bike and has more different parts than the Bionic Man.

I have been building these bikes over 20 years, and I grew up with these and know the History, a dispatch rider in LONDON for over 20 years and all Cafe bikes. Bet you a pound of flesh that they have no way as much History as me, I pour my heart and sould and past years experience into these.

..I am no fake, I am just me."

Click on the link and have a ball looking around. Carpy's bikes (and countless cafe parts) are just brilliant, and really a ton of fun (sorry, bad pun) for the money.

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