Friday, March 30, 2007

Posson Sculpure: The Ride.

The Ride Maquette • 14" x 7" • Edition of 30 • $2,600 Bronze
The Ride • 42" x 8.8"• Edition of 5 • $32,000 • Bronze

"The Ride seems to move as you look at it.
The bronze shows a couple enjoying a fast ride on a 60's “café racer.”

The Scene
In England in the '60's, there were young people called “Mods” and “Rockers.” Mods rode Vespa scooters and wore fashionable Carnaby street clothes. Rockers were more working class clothes and rode big motorcycles and wore leather and Levis.
A well off Rocker had a café racer, which was a street bike fitted to look like a Grand Prix racer. It was a fast ride to the pubs.

The Couple
The rider and passenger are wearing period leathers, “pudding bowl” helmets and very cool boots.
The rider is intent on the corner while the passenger laughs as she leans forward to tell him something.

The Bike
The motorcycle is an original design by sculptor Steve Posson, who has designed for several big motorcycle companies including Yamaha, Kawasaki and BMW. It has a big drum front brake and a dolphin fairing. It looks English, mostly.

“The Ride” is offered in two sizes; The maquette, the original small sculpture is 12 inches long in an edition of 30 on a marble base.
The full size is 42 inches long by 29 inches high, in an edition of 5. The full size can be displayed inside or outside. A base is not included. Posson will help with a base design as desired or needed."


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