Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cafe Racer of the week: Seldon Deemer's Modial 5occ Cafe Racer

From Seldon Deemers Cyclography Website,

"1964. Mondial 50cc cafe racer, purchased in Genoa, Italy, where the spirited driving style provided my baptism in road riding. Big tank, small seat, low clipons, and a small handlebar fairing made the Mondial a young person's mount -- I'm sure my body couldn't long survive the uncompromising riding position at age 50. I crashed multiple times, mostly due to 2-stroke engine seizures, while covering nearly 1500 kilometers in August 1964, driving from Santa Margherita on the west coast, to Parma and Bologna, then down the Po River valley, and along the east coast to Ancona and Teramo, then back across the spine of the peninsula to Rome, Pisa, and finally Florence. Drafting behind buses and trucks helped me reach top speeds in excess of 40 mph... The Mondial wintered in Florence in 1965, while I attended college in Istanbul. The rider in the photo is Dennis Fonger, brother of Robert College's librarian, who bought it from the Mondial me in the spring of 1965, as I prepared to pick up my next motorcycle."

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